1920: Professor ALEXIS CARREL who won the Medicine Nobel Prize in 1912, started work embryonary effect.

1950: Professor ERICSON, one of the best student from Professor ALEXIS CARREL, was 1st scientist to use CELLULOTHERAPY (Embryonary Effect) on injured and tired skin, and also created the first revitalization cure for internal treatment which was a great success.

1968: Professor ERICSON and Mrs ERICSON (dietician, beautician) took over the company. Launched the 1st therapeutic facial treatment based on Frozen Cellular Extracts “Fresh Cell”. Thus, the first ERICSON LABORATOIRE cosmetic range was born..

1993: Began the International Market development in EUROPE and ASIA.

Today, ERICSON LABORATOIRE is an International Skin Care Concept distributed in approximately 70 countries, specifically 550 in the French Market and 57 in Malaysia.


Classic Deluxe Sdn Bhd is an established company dealing with cosmetics distribution in Malaysia. We are the exclusive distributor for skin care products from France. The brands we carried before are Dr. Renaud(Paris), Aquatonale(St. Malo, Paris) and Phytomer(Paris).

At the present moment, we are the exclusive distributor for ERICSON LABORATOIRE from France in Malaysia. We distributed ERICSON LABORATOIRE since year 1999. We have already established a healthy network of 80 sole agents throughout Malaysia (included East Malaysia).

We started our business in year 1990 with a small team of 5 members. Today, the company developed to 4 departments: Admin Department; Sales & Marketing Department; Training Department; A & P Dept. Total number of employees are 12.

Classic Deluxe Sdn Bhd has a series of expansion plans in the near future. One of which is to obtain distributor right for another good quality skin care and beauty product and to operate our own Beauty Salon.


Persist Our Vision

Provide a top-to-toe Multi-Therapy concept to a one-stop beauty centre with advance formulated products.

Persist a Beauty Market Leader

We will remain in the forefront as the market leader through continuous R&D for products innovation and breakthrough discoveries.

From Medical Field to Beauty Therapy

A former pupil of Alexis Carrel and a distinguished biologist specialized in aging problems, Professor ERICSON was one the very first scientists in France to use Cell therapy a renowned high standard therapy for his skin treatments. In keeping this clinical approach, our Beauty Therapy concept now integrates the latest scientific discoveries as soon as they are available on the market.

Visible Results

Our therapeutic approach allows to tackle all kind of skin problems. The active ingredients used, with are of marine, phytobiological or biotechnological origin, are all characterized by a remarkable concentration.