E920 Body Technic Box

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E920 Body Technic Box

Skin Type

Pigmentary marks, residual scars, excessive keratinzation, surface wrinkles (except hypersensitive, pimples skin).


Benefits –Dermaxid Body Peeling Body Scrub, 150ml:

Combined with aluminium oxide crystals with 3 fruit acid, to smooth the skin micro-surface. Enriched with lightening agent, reduces unsightly pigment blotches.

Usage –Dermaxid Body Peeling Body Scrub, 150ml:

Apply to the body using light circular movement. Focus to dry areas and blotches. Rinse well with warm water.


Benefits-Supraxid Body Peeling Lotion, 200ml:

Eliminating dead cells and reducing unsightly pigmentation.

Usage-Supraxid Body Peeling Lotion, 200ml:

Soak the sponge supplied into the lotion and apply all over the body.



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